Inspired by Chinese culture

FU (福) is a digital retranscription of the long lasting Chinese tradition of Hongbaos (red envelopes). FU Is a collection of 10000 unique NFTs inspired by Chinese culture. Each NFT has a combination of unique traits and attributes making them rare. Carefully designed by international artist, you can be sure that your FU is unique.

Each NFT is packaged under a virtual red envelope (hóng bāo) that you can reveal or not. FU owners will be automatically enrolled in a series of draws with some exceptional rewards.


Early adopters will be rewarded

In order to thanks all early buyers for supporting and trusting our project. Weekly draws will be organized with exclusive rewards. From 8 SOL to 500k USD, your chance of winning are huge !
Winners will be announced on our social medias as well as on the FU Club page of the website.

If you win one of the physical rewards such as Teslas or watches, you can ask to get their value in the cryptocurrency of your choice.


  • 500k USD

    1 holder will win USD500,000 in the crypto currency of his choice

  • 10 Tesla Model X Plaid

    10 lucky holders will win a brand new Tesla Model X plaid

  • 5 Luxury Watches

    5 lucky holders will win a USD6000 luxury Watch

  • 100x Money Back

    100 holders will be automatically refunded in their wallets.

  • Yearly Royalties

    50% of FU royalties will be redistributed to the community every year on Chinese New Year.

You read that right. You have 1 chance out of 100 to get your money back and keep your NFT, 1 chance out of 1000 to get a Tesla Model X Plaid, 1 chance out of 5000 to get Rolex watch and 1 chance out of 10000 to win half a million dollars.


From mint to forever, FU holders will be continuously rewarded Make sure to subscribe to our social media and newsletter to be updated on FU

Second Mint Sessions

calendarFebruary 20th
Second Mint Session. You'll have an additional 24hrs to get one of the remaining red envelopes

Reveal Day

calendarFebruary 26th
It's the big day. You will be able to open your red envelopes (if you want) and discover the unique piece of art hidden inside it.

Weekly Draws

calendarFrom March 1st
Every week a FU holder will be selected to win one of the rewards

The future of FU

calendarQ3 2022
Discover FU Metaverse and enjoy exclusive advantages in the play-to-earn FU game with your NFT

The Lantern Festival - Pre-sale

calendarFebruary 15th
Pre-Sale mint. Exclusively for whitelisted users. You'll have 24hrs (probably less) to get one of the first 3000 red envelopes.


FU is not a one time purchase. Once you own your FU, you can exchange it or sell it on the secondary market. FU will also be the exclusive token for the FU Metaverse that will be released late 2022. We are preparing some crazy privileges for FU owners in the upcoming FU Metaverse.


Make sure you have a bit more than 8 SOL (NFT price + fees) in your Phantom wallet for the mint date to be able to purchase your FU on time. You can buy Solana (SOL) on most of the biggest crypto exchanges such as Binance, Kraken, Coinbase or Uphold.

You'll then need to create a Phantom wallet and move your SOL to your private wallet. A complete guide is available on the link below



How to buy a red envelope ?

On February 15th 2022, the pre-sale will be open for whitelisted members, a link will be sent to your mailbox. You will only need to open the provided link and click the mint button to connect your wallet and get your unique Red Envelope.

What is an NFT ?

A non-fungible token (NFT) is a digital asset certified to be unique and therefore not interchangeable thanks to blockchain technology. Each artwork is unique and original. If you are interested in owning a unique piece of artwork, please join the Discord community, you will find all needed information and more.

What is Discord and how to join the community ?

The FU – Red Envelopes Discord  is a place to discuss FU NFTs and ask questions, and be part of an incredible community of collectors and contemporary art fans. Join our Discord server in your browser or download the Discord app (OS, iOS, Windows, Android).

If you need help to use Discord, read the official Discord Beginner Guide.

What is a Hong Bao ?

Red envelopes or 红包 hóng bāo in Chinese (红=red, 包=envelope, packet), Red envelopes, are a popular gift people give during important festivals and celebrations in China and some other Asian countries.

Red envelopes can be given at weddings, graduations, birthdays or as a work bonus, but they’re especially widely seen during the Spring Festival (Chinese New Year).

What is the cost of a FU NFT ?

FU will be released at a unique price of 8 Solana (SOL). After first sales, you can expect floor price to raise quickly as the supply is static.